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Mom Notices Strange Post-Baby Stomach After Giving Birth To Two 15 Months Apart

Stephanie Bruce is a professional runner who thought of taking some time off from training to start her family. She had a perfectly toned body and six-packs before giving birth to the two kids which she eventually lost after they were born around fifteen months apart.Additionally, Stephanie noticed that she had developed a deep cavity near her belly button and likened it to a 'grand canyon' which was right in the middle of her stomach.Read on to know what happened next.

It turned out that she had developed diastasis recti.

It is a condition in which the abdominal muscle walls separate during pregnancy making more room for the baby to grow. Related: Incredible Animation Explains The Changes That Take Place In Women's Body While Giving Birth

Later, she decided to return to maintain her physical fitness, but things weren't the same. 

She was having a lot of bathroom issues and couldn't run as she used to.

Confused by her post-baby body, she felt humiliated as well as underconfident.

Still, she wanted to help and motivate other women who were struggling with similar issues.

And at the age of 32, while training herself for Olympics, she proudly took to social media to share her photos.

Where she posted her sagging stomach, a cavity in her abdomen and stretch marks.