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Shocking Inspection! CM Yogi Unexpectedly Visited Lucknow Police Station And This Is What Happened

It has just been days since Yogi Adityanath has taken the oath of Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, and a wave of 'performance' has already started flowing. The enactment of his decisions is making his followers even more positive and leaving his opponents dismayed.Whether it's the closure of slaughterhouses, the ban of tobacco, or taking to the anti-Romeo squads, Yogi is whipping in UP. Let's get updated with his very recent performance.Related: Reasons Why Yogi Adityanath Is BJP's 'Bad' Choice In UP.

On Thursday, Yogi paid a surprise visit to the Hazratganj Police Station, Lucknow, shocking the police officials.

According to the news reports, he spent 30 minutes there along with IG Satish Ganesh, SSP Manzil Saini and DGP Javeed Ahmad.

His statement:

He said to the media persons, “I have come here to inspect as to how the rule of law is enforced in the state and gauge the morale of the police, and see what effective action can be taken in this regard.”

The inspection was full-fledged.

It started with the office room of Inspector Incharge, followed by the office of CO, Ganj Kotwali office, and women police station. Apart from visiting the CCTNS office and CO crime, Yogi also had a conversation with the officials of cyber crime cell.

On his visit to the women police station, he asked them to improve the conditions.

Also, a blueprint regarding the increase in the workforce of women was demanded.Even the facilities for drinking water and sitting for the public were looked upon.

He added:

“The rule of law will be established in the state and government will not hesitate in taking whatever steps are required for people’s welfare.”

While inspecting the cyber crime cell, a presentation was called upon to be arranged next week.

Emphasizing on the need of cleanliness, Yogi appreciated the Hazratganj police station, for maintaining good atmosphere as well as cleanliness.

He left with cautioning words that this inspection was just the beginning.

Sending a strong message that indiscipline won't be condoned, his government has suspended more than 100 policemen, which has taken place mainly in Noida, Ghaziabad, and Meerut.