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14 Incredible Reasons Why You Must Date A Writer!

In your arms was still delight, Quiet as a street at night; And thoughts of you, I do remember, . . . You are his first thing in the morning and the last thing every night. I give you every reason to love him even more, down here. If he is a writer, bliss is what life has to offer you. Love.

#1. He is so fab that you almost want to show off.

And you should do that! He is a perfect trophy boyfriend and the reasons below will let you know why!

#2. You will always wake up to a beautiful morning poetry, written especially FOR YOU!

You have your own Shakespeare. About your lips, your eyes, your smile, your voice...you inspire him. Yes! he will never let that smile fade away.

#3. What can I say, he will always have dreamy answers.

You are sad, have questions or even when you get into arguments...he will win you over with just words. You won't even know and he will sweep you off your feet. Dreamy!

#4. He will write the best bitch arguments for you when you need one!

Trust me on that. You get in a bitch fight or have to write a sarcastic reply to a friend he is who you turn to. And there, you win it with grace!

#5. He will always switch roles for you.

And you tell me he is not an actor? No matter how messy he is inside, if he has to write funny, he will write funny. He knows how to conceal and he knows how to let it out. I am sure, if it is your big day, he will keep all grief aside and love you like he always does.

#6. Writers are really romantic.

Now who invented the bends-on-the-knee proposal, who was the first to put the engagement ring in the wine? Yes, they wrote it. They walk with their heart on their sleeves. Every night, every day with him by your side, you will have the most romantic 365-loop!

#7. If you one of those who find it tough to complete assignments, he is at your rescue.

Essays, SOP's and everything else. If he can't write he will edit them just too well.

#8. He will spill love, all over.

Well he is one passionate man! More than he loves you he is passionate about you.

#9. He notices the slightest of details. He will acknowledge you for everything.

His eye for details is doubtless. Everything other women complain about, you have, right here! Isn't he adorable?

#10. He is not a geek, but damn it, he is Smart!

Just a little conversation with him and you already know a handful of stuff, without being forcefully fed. He is someone who you can always turn to for sensible advice.

#11. He can do the crazy with you. All the time.

Now, he is a writer and crazy is his second name(if he is like the writers I know). He will take selfies, work odd hours, cook a midnight snack, be himself and have fun with you, all the time.

#12. He totally gets you.

He creates characters. He writes if he has to, like a girl in her various roles. No matter what the situation is, he will always understand you even if he has not been there.

#13. His working hours, days, months are flexible. He would gladly travel the world with you.

He is inspired by the sight of the sea, or in a valley but mostly it's you. And he keeps telling you that. He can work from anywhere. He will travel with you and be yours all the time.

#14. It is so easy to buy gifts for him. Do darn easy!

Books, pens, notebooks and so much more. Now, it's not easy to choose which book, because he probably read them all- but still. You won't have to start all over.

And to all you cool guys out there. Dating a girl who writes is as cool as dating you as a writer!

There! I made my point. Spread the love, keep sharing!