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Beware: Don't Trust This Sweet Looking Face Who Got Caught In A Scam Of Rs. 1000 Cr

The Economic Offences Wing of Mumbai Police has made great strides in arresting the people from famous QNet Scam. The total number of arraigned people has reached to 47 when they arrested Aditi Mitra from Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. Aditi was an important card for QNet because she used to invite investors into a mall for meetings and convince them to invest money so that they can get a double return after three years. She has dumped more than 5 Lakh people for the scam of worth Rs. 1000 crores. She was trying to leave for Dubai when EOW grabbed her with heavy luggage.

What is QNet Scam?

QNet Ltd. is a Hong Kong-based company which follows e-commerce platform to sell different type of products including personal care, home care, nutrition, weight management, luxury goods, fashion accessories, etc. The company is accused of using the banned 'binary pyramid' model in their marketing scheme. They also mislead investors and common people with their false representation of money making policies by their multi-level marketing schemes.

What are the views of Bombay High Court on QNet Scam?

The Bombay High Court has made a statement that 'QNet is a chain where a person is fooled and then he is trained to fool others to earn money'. The list of accused people includes some big names like Michael Ferreira, who is a well-known player of English Billiards from India and has also received the Padma Bhushan for his works.

What are the views of a 'Common Man' on QNet schemes?

The well-experienced sector of India considers it as an absolute scam. They call this pyramid strategy as an unsustainable business model. They have revealed that the people who are already enrolled with this company pretend to earn huge amount of money, but in reality, they have lost their respect, confidence and self-esteem. 

What is the history of QNet?

There is a strange fact about the name of QNet. Initially, the company name was GoldQuest, then they changed it to QuestNet and finally fixed on QNet. They keep changing the name of the company in the interval of 3-4 years. The main reason behind this weird practice is that they reach a threshold point, where people eventually come to know the scam and they stop joining the company. Then they again rotate the wheel and come back with a new name. 

How Aditi caught the attention of Mumbai Police?

Aditi Mitra was ambushed at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport based on the lookout circular which has been issued against her. She was supposedly flying to Dubai with six bags and two handbags, out of which two bags were having her belongings, while she refused to expose the stuff of remaining six bags. She was an independent representative of QNet and was getting a strong commission in return. 

What are the revelations after investigation?

She had 'n' number of bank accounts which has been frozen by EOW after seeing Rs. 25 lakh in one of them. The assistant commissioner of police Arun Jadhav has confirmed her arrest at the airport and was sent to police custody till 23 March. One of the victims said that Aditi used to impress people with her sweet talks and fake promises of double revenue.

There are many people who have lost their money because of this fraud company. They have their own squad who keeps migrating in different states of India. They make the fool of every person by giving them the fake words of double revenue. It is highly recommended to do research on your own part before enrolling yourself to any company and service. Do your homework first because the thought of getting rich overnight can turn into a bad dream for you and your family.