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Supreme Court Suggests Something Out Of The Box To Decide The Fate Of Ram Janmabhoomi 

In a recent development, Supreme Court urged the parties involved in the Babri Dispute to settle the matter out of the court, while the Supreme Court is ready to mediate during the negotiations. Chief Justice Khehar offered himself as the possible mediator. The matter is pending in the Supreme Court, and this out-of-the-box proposal by the court is surprising, even more so when the citizens of India trust the Supreme Court absolutely for its impeccable decisions and piercing insights.Let's dig deeper.

What could be the reason behind Supreme Court coming out with such a proposal? Of all the possibilities, the strongest reason could be – the decision may go in the favour of a particular party leading to riots and violence. The Supreme Court may not want a situation wherein a decision taken by them leading to bloodshed and killings. A visionary proposal indeed, but this may keep the decision pending, as it is from decades.Because the matter could not be solved outside the court, petitions were filed by Nirmohi Akhada and Sunni Waqf Board. The parties reached the apex court expecting a decision and it would be more pragmatic if the Supreme Court had arrived at a concrete solution keeping in mind the constitution and law. Seriously, there’s very less possibility that involved parties will arrive at a conclusion amicably.In picture: Hindu fundamentalists destroying Babri Masjid.

Currently, the Waqf Board claims right over the land

Being the apex court of India, the Supreme Court should decide the fate of the Babari Masjid, a make sure that the decision is accepted by one and all.

The current offer by the Supreme Court will keep the matter work-in-progress as long as there is existence because the matter is supercharged with political interventions and political parties may want to keep the matter alive to get political mileage. A particular party may want to get maximum mileage out of this controversy, for its ideology and vote bank. Keeping the politics away from this dispute may be one of the tricks while treating it as a local dispute between Nirmohi Akhada and Sunni Waqf Board. Even in that case, the parties won’t budge an inch because both are seeking complete ownership of the disputed land and there seems to be no middle way as of now.

The Allahabad High Court also intervened in the matter and gave a historic decision where the land was to be divided into 3 equal parts and be given to Hindu Mahasabha, Sunni Waqf Board and Nirmohi Akhara based on the evidence that the structure was a massive Hindu religious building in the past. (The evidence was given by the Archaeological Survey of India).

Both the parties wanted full possession of land and that was the sole reason the matter was taken to the Supreme Court. However, the Supreme Court thinks otherwise and believes that parties should solve the matter themselves!

But it would be more practical if the Supreme Court took the matter into its own hands and gave a concluding decision that would solve the dispute forever. For, the Supreme Court has the power and authority under the constitution and law that its decision will be rendered final.Indeed, for peace to prevail, the country needs such a decision to close the chapter forever.