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Recall Your Childhood Days With This Riddle And See Whether You Were A Genius Then Or You're Now 

Ok, if you are an adult now. But try to solve the riddle below and check your mathematical abilities.If you find it a child's play, don't complain. It will help you to recall your childhood days when it was fun solving puzzles which appeared in newspapers and magazines.But if you find it tough, then you need to be tutored in maths.Try it, anyway. 

This puzzle put up by FREEBIES, requires you to find the value of the second figure.

If you can figure out why the first one equals 5, then it will be easy to find the value of the second one.

I'll give you some time before revealing the answer.

Are you able to solve it?

Does it appear tough? Well, here comes the answer.

From Figure 1, you can make out that the figure is actually the count of total squares.