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29 Items You Shouldn't Wear At Your Workplace

A relaxed work environment with less-stringent dress codes attracts new talent. But as an employee, you need to understand that you can’t get too relaxed.Here are 29 items that you shouldn’t wear at the workplace.

#1 Sneakers

Athletic shoes are perfect for your workout but a strict no-no at work as it can put a sweat sock in your career.

#2 Flip flops

Flip flop is another footwear which is disliked in a professional environment. Your colleagues will find the sound of its sole or your uncovered feet abominable. 

#3 Wrinkled clothes

Ironed clothes give a neat look and reveal the dapper in you. Wrinkled clothes look distasteful. 

#4 Low-waist pants

No one at work wants to see your tummy folds or your thong riding up. Wear a long shirt if you want to wear low-waist pants. 

#5 Bra straps

Bra straps should be concealed. Make sure.

#6  The same thing you wore a day before

It’s a tell-tale sign to your colleagues that you haven’t slept last night. Moreover, you didn't wash. It is equally repulsive to reach office in clothes you wore while going to bed last night.

#7 Fishnets

They simply aren’t meant to be worn at work.

#8 Clothes that make inappropriate statements

Clothes showing slogans that make political statements or hurt religious sentiments or make crude remarks should be strictly avoided at work.

#9. Negligees

Negligees simply don’t work even if you tuck them under a blazer.

#10 Strong perfume, cologne or aftershave

A hint of it works perfectly well. But perfumes with strong smell are considered obnoxious. 

#11 Tight fitting clothes

They are justified if you have to walk the tightrope. Otherwise, avoid them, as they look shabby.

#12 Jingly jewellery

If your office mates can hear you coming from a mile away,  then what you are doing is interrupting their ability to focus and break their productivity.

#13 Don’t dress for comfort, dress for presence

Casual dressing doesn’t mean it has to be what you wear when you step out with friends. There’s a difference between dress jeans and washed out jeans.

#14 No revealing clothes at work

Never, wear revealing clothes at work, even if you look fabulous. 

#15 The younger you are, the more conservatively you should dress

In your early career years, you should be professionally nondescript. You can add a bit more flair to your dressing when you get more established in your career.

#16 A blazer always looks professional

A blazer allows you to dress up or down as needed and goes a long way towards looking professional.

#17 Keep your wardrobe updated

Styles change and so does waistline. So, keep adding new pieces to your wardrobe.

#18 Anything connected to work counts as work

It’s an office party, and you're going with office colleagues to a retreat or business trip. The workplace rules still apply.

#19 Badly placed tattoo

Ink under your clothes is still acceptable but neck, hands, and faces are a no-go zone.

#20 Heavy makeup

Keep your makeup simple and hair tidy.

#21 Maxi dress, sun dress and short skirts

Summer dresses can be comfortable but look odd in a professional environment. Also, skirt length should not go above the knee. 

#22 Tank tops, halter tops and strapless

Tank tops, halter tops, spaghetti straps and strapless dress are not meant for workwear. Tube tops or strapless dress, even when worn under a blazer, aren’t acceptable. They are a prohibited dress code in many organisations.

#23 Crop tops

Showing too much skin is a workplace fashion faux pas. Avoid wearing midriff-baring clothes in the office. Opt for tops that are a little more demure.

#24 Jumpsuits, rompers and overalls

Avoid them at all costs at workplace.

#25 Anything see-through

Avoid wearing see-through dresses. There’s a thin line between looking fashionable and indecent.

#26 Quirky shirts

Flashy, quirky shirts are good for weekends. But make sure you don’t turn up in your Hawaiian shirts or with other loud prints in the office.

#27 Anything you’d wear at a wedding or a nightclub or a vacation

That heavy dress that you wear at weddings, keep it for weddings only. 

#28 Your Halloween costume

Anything that is a part of your Halloween costume shouldn't figure in your work wardrobe.