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Tiger Gets Brutally Crushed By A JCB And The Video Will Shock You

On Thursday morning, a crowd of wanderer laborers struggling at a stone mine on the Dabka river, Uttaranchal (India) went into the forests of Belpadav area in the Terai West Forest Division where they saw the male tiger.The cat big enough to kill anyone attacked Bhagwati Devi, 33, and when her father-in-law Lakhpat tried to help her, he attacked him as well. Both the victims died on the spot.The Dabka and Kosi waterways are massively mined, mostly illegally, for the rock which puts tremendous stress on the native ecosystems, and the wildlife environment throughout Corbett Tiger sanctuary.The wild cat who is known for hunting men; gets killed by an officer who has taken an oath to 'Save Tiger.'

According to initial local forest reports...

The people had put force on the forest administrators to instantly get rid of the tiger as the scared transient workers warned to quit work and decamp.Related: 40 Tiger Cubs Found In Freezer At Thailand's 'Tiger Temple'

Without thinking much, the administration took the decision to hit the Tiger with drugs at first...

And then they called for earthmover truck (JCB) to capture the tiger and pin him down even before the drug barely had any effect on him.

Unfortunately, due to the dumbness of the forest officials...

The Tiger got hurt in the entire process. Later, he was transported to the Nainital Zoo where he lost his life on the same day.Related: The Way This Tiger Treats A Fawn Is Amazing

A medical staff associate who works for the forest department has said that...

"The animal probably overdosed. Perhaps the forest administrators tried to sedate it twice as it did not go down immediately. The tiger also suffered spinal injuries, possibly from the JCB. It's hard to tell if it died due to overdosing or injuries or both," reports the Indian Express.

Experts team will be sent to Ram Nagar on Monday to find the facts, says Debabrata Swain, member secretary, National Tiger Conservation Authority.

He also adds further that, "We will find out why the Standard Operating Procedure was not followed. There is always pressure in a situation of conflict, but we cannot use an earthmover to catch a tiger," reports Sunday Express.

How can we now expect a common man to follow the law when lawmakers are killing the wildlife?

Even if all of it was not intentional, but who has the right in the forest to pick a live Tiger using JCB truck?Well, it seems if 'Save Tiger' will soon become a myth in this nation; where responsible forest official themselves are hurting the wildlife.

Watch the entire 'TIGER KILLING' in this video.

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