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'Anaarkali of Aarah' Actress Swara Bhaskar Reveals She Has No Issues About Her Overt Sexuality 

WittyFeed caught up with the team of Avinash Das’ upcoming film Anaarkali of Aarah during a press conference in Delhi.Set to release on March 24, 2017, Anarkali of Aarah presents the story of a fiery erotic singer. The character, played by Swara Bhaskar, is known for singing double meaning lewd songs. The film is a story of her struggle against a hypocritical and double standard society. But her fight is not just external. Swara’s character is both bold and volatile and it is this inner conflict that defines her character. It is also a story about a female artist who takes the fight to a male dominated society which sees women as mere objects. Anaarkali of Aarah co-stars Pankaj Tripathi and Sanjay Mishra.

Swara Bhaskar talking about Anaarkali of Aarah

When WittyFeed asked her about how she got associated with the project, Swara shared an anecdote about how director Avinash Das used to make her read the different versions of the script, seeking her opinion from time to time, despite having some other actress in mind for the role. “I was his reader before I actually became his actress. Then suddenly one day after two years of repeated sittings he finally offered me the role and I accepted it gleefully,” Swara explained. Swara also told WittyFeed about how Bollywood has conspicuously stayed away from a story like Anaarkali of Aarah ever since the 1966 Basu Bhattacharaya directed Raj Kapoor and Waheeda Rehman starrer Teesri Kasam hit the theatres. “If you look at Hindi cinema, every female character with an overt sexuality has a space for apology—whether a prostitute or a cabaret dancer. That’s precisely where Anaarkali is unique. She has no qualms about what she does. It is from here the conversations starts. That is what attracted me to the role,” she further added.

Ravishing Swara Bhaskar posing for the Paparazzi

 While answering to a question from WittyFeed about the extent of his creative involvement in the film in the capacity of a writer and a director, Avinash Das said, “I had written the film keeping in mind the fact that I will also be directing it. While many people showed interest in buying the rights for the story, I was hellbent on not selling it. I am really thankful to our producer Sandiip Kapur for showing his complete faith. We have been really lucky to have a brilliant team in place. Without this team, the cinema that I had envisioned wouldn’t have materialized without the team’s sweat and blood. The credit goes to our entire team for their creative contribution at various levels,” he explained further.

The Team of Anaarkali of Aarah

While talking to the media about the constant threat of piracy, producer Sandiip Kapur emphasized upon the need for the authorities to take suo moto action against the perpetrators. Kapur also talked about the restraining order that he has obtained from a Chennai Court to ensure that Anaarkali of Aarah doesn’t leak on the internet before its release. “As per the court’s guidelines any content that’s leaked online would be taken down within seconds. I personally have taken every to fight piracy but there is so much that an individual can achieve,” said Kapur while asserting on the need to stop piracy at all costs.

Swara Bhaskar playing Holi at the song launch of Anaarkali of Aarah

When asked about agreeing to play second fiddle to Swara Bhaskar in the film, actor Pankaj Tripathi jokingly said, “I would have fled the scene had I seen the poster before.” Tripathi talked about his close association with Das which goes back to their theatre days at NSD and SRC. “Actually, I was a little busy at the time the film was offered to me and was only supposed to do a small role in the film. But then my good friend and actor Sanjay Mishra egged me on to take up a more substantial role. I immediately called up Avinash and the deal was sealed. This story has a strong connection to my roots which has allowed me to connect with it more intimately,” he explained.   

Pankaj Tripathi talking about his role in Anaarkali of Aarah

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