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Dusting Off Your Rug Might Get You Arrested In London, See How!

Strange laws still exist in the world. These laws regulate the use of chewing gums to flushing toilets. Their breach might land you in jail.   Scroll down the list of 10 funny laws that offer severe punishment.

1. Beating the dust off rugs and carpets after 8 am in London.

This act is considered illegal since 1839. There is no logical explanation for this law but it might put you behind bars. A woman was arrested for beating rug in bright daylight.Recently, London police prepared a list of old laws that are still in force.

2. Illegal to flag down a cab if you have a plague.

In London, it is considered illegal if a person suffering from plague takes a taxi for travel or boards a bus.  He must inform the driver before entering the carriage.

3. Running out of petrol in Germany.

It is punishable to run out of gas while you are driving on Autobahn in Germany. People who run out of the gas while driving along this federal-controlled access highway can be fined.

4. Flushing toilets after 10 pm.

Considered as an act that causes noise pollution, it is illegal to flush toilets after 10 pm in Switzerland.

5. It is forbidden to be fat in Japan.

It is illegal to be fat in Japan, a land that gave sumo wrestling to the world. Japan has enacted a law setting a maximum waistline for men and women above 40 years of age. The men must not have a waistline measuring above 31 inches and women cannot have a waistline over 35 inches.

6. Entering the Parliament wearing a suit of armor.

There is a ban on wearing suit of armor in UK parliament. The ban exists since 1313. Any breach leads to immediate arrest.

7. Feeding pigeons in Venice.

In 2008, Venetian authorities imposed a law that banned tourists from feeding pigeons. It was harming the monuments.

8. Knocking on a door without a lawful excuse.

Knocking on someone's door without a lawful excuse is considered punishable in UK. 

9. Frowny faces are fined in Milan.

Frowners in Italy can face fine as it is a legal requirement for people of Milan to keep a smile on face all the time, except during funerals.

10. Acting fishy with salmon.

According to Salmon Act ,1986, it is a punishable offense to carry a salmon which is "illegally fished." This is UK's legislation.