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The Story Of These Five Abandoned McDonald's Will Leave You Speechless.

I'm leaving it! You can wager your open sesame berry buns, these terrifying and forsaken Mcdonald's have whirled their last McFlurry and will pack burgers no more. The usual blow against new architecture is that it lacks quality, and the stereotyped mansard-roofed "McStore" style of McDonald's outlets is the placard dwarf for the category. With that said, Flickr user Flavio Grana has somehow managed to tempt amazed amount of intensity out of the undisclosed abandoned part above. Stripped of all quality existence yet instantly known, the luminous McD's stands by itself in silent reputation. If you thought the UFO-shaped McDonald's in Rosewell, New Mexico was out of this earth, then take your eyes on the earlier McDonald's restaurant in Alconbury, United Kingdom. Started in 1990 as Megatron, the extraordinary saucer shaped eatery was an interplanetary bust: in 1993, it shuts but soon re-opened under the McDonald's tag. After approximately 15 years serving up burgers, fries and shakes to hungry Huntingdonshire locals, the place had shut down for good and remained blocked for a further half decade before being flatten in 2008. Plans are now to permit six "gypsy pitches" to involve the land where the McUFO once stood.  Are you on Twitter? Feel free to follow us.

The McDonald's that once served thousands of people is completely demolished now.

Arch less In America.

This is one of the most unique Mcdonald's buildings I have ever seen!

The M from McDonald's is totally moved now.

Another unfortunate M!

He is looking petrified.

See me at McMoon's.

The unintentional waste!

McDonald's Exile

Before the accident, this place was loaded with people.