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Preconceptions Of Marriage: Why As A Woman You Were Not Born Just To Get Married 

Why is it that the moment a girl enters her twenties, she, along with her parents and society make up their mind to get married. And feel that 24 is the maximum or the upper bar to get married and till 30, she should have a baby on her lap! Coz, the moment she reaches 30, she suddenly becomes infertile, unlovable and surely, unattractive! The world thinks so. *Pursed lips* This is the stereotype and the commonly accepted norm of the world. Why is it that a woman has to be the listener, always, while she is the best speaker and there is no doubt about her listening skills! She listens to her partner, her kids, her friends, her pets, her colleagues and everyone else, then why is she unheard? Why?I being a millennial myself, face this! There are many to speak to, but merely does anyone listen! Coming over to the much talked-about topic of MARRIAGE, why is one fearing it? The most common fear that propels one to get married is the dread that one may end up alone for her entire life. 

Do not be "Lonely, I am so lonely, I have nobody of my own...", this in real life is heart-breaking.

Embrace your smile, or keep making undue efforts to cheer him up, revel in yourself or feel bothered by the incessant nagging, marriage can be a blunder if not well prepared for! Who can guarantee that you will not be alone after marriage because marriage is cruelly isolating, disconnecting you from your friends and community!

An Indian woman is never taught to be alone.

Rarely is she allowed to go out alone, to shop alone, to enjoy things alone! Every time she has to be accompanied by someone. If she is, in any case, spotted alone, she is seen with skeptical eyes, questioning her conduct and character! Thus, the Indian system has to have faith in its girls or women, they CAN strive in this world.

Listen to your INNER VOICE!

Your choices are your fingerprints! Listen, not the outside noise, but to your inner voice. It has a lot to say for you to hear and follow! Give a vent to it, and see the change you have been dreaming of in your life. Stop justifying your deeds, stop unnecessary explanations!

Yes, you can be single and happy!

Be cautious of being carried over by your peers. Don't think of marriage just because your friends are tying the knot. Think for yourself, coz, after marriage, it is just you and your husband, where will be your friends then? Caution: Do not get swayed by the PDA of the married couples around you!

Is marriage as beneficial for the compliant half?

The social norms of wifehood suck! Wives are expected to be superwomen, while only the man can be the breadwinner. If the wife is great at the professional front, she is expected to be a dab hand at the household chores as well. Giving you a professional POI, women are perceived to be less sincere, while men are seen as becoming more responsible! 

Do you think sex, even after one year of marriage will be as steamy and enticing?

All that happens after a certain period is simply a dull routine, will you still enjoy it as much? Or do you look forward to it as much, with the same intensity and feelings? A question to bear in mind, peeps!

Weddings are an over-rated affair!

They are blown up just to show the not so real world. Weddings shown in movies, especially Bollywood are something far from reality. It is shown as a bed of roses, while it is a bed full of thorns, and living with it requires immense maturity, adjustment, and adaptation. Thus, before taking the plunge, think, think and think! There is no need to hurry if you are not up for it.Subscribe!