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'Breadcrumbing' Is The New Dating Trend That Is Taking Over Your Love Life

Being a typical old-school girl myself, the idea of love for me has always been something very different. Most of us have grown up with people around falling in love and working hard towards making it work each day. But from growing up as a teenager to a 20-something girl that I am, I've witnessed the demeaning of so-called "love" in the lousiest way there ever will be.So lately I've been hearing a lot of people talking about a new dating trend that's been making quite a hype. It's apparently called 'Breadcrumbing'. Let me have the pleasure to acquaint you with this one.

So breadcrumbing is what people have given a term to the act of sending flirty yet non-committal texts.

To lure sexual partners without putting in any efforts.SMH.

So no feelings, no efforts, no hard work?

Just plain simple texting only to get laid? And right after they get what they had been looking for they even get a free pass to vanish because heyyy this is how they roll. I'm sure it sounds pretty obnoxious to a lot of you who are reading this atm. You may count me in.

But wait! We also have people trying to justify this act of immaturity like it's making it any less offensive.

Of course, it's offensive to people who believe in love and the fact that it suffices for any relationship to last a lifetime.

Everything about breadcrumbing is disturbing.

It is everything that basically includes leading someone on to absolutely nothing and it's not always a two-way road, it also includes someone leading you on after breaking up with you knowing the fact that you're still in love with them.And these breadcrumbers always make sure that they're around especially when you decide to let go and move on. They leave their digital breadcrumbs on your phone making you acknowledge their presence every now and then.How emotionally defused are these people?

One thing breadcrumbers don't know is that they're ruining the idea of love for someone else

I know that nobody really cares about anyone or anything as long as it's not affecting their peace of mind. But I really hope that one day people start empathizing with others and that would be when this world would be a better place to live in.

Last year it was Ghosting that was trending and now it's breadcrumbing.

Ghosting was where people were cutting off with the ones they were dating out of nowhere and vanishing like nothing ever happened.TBH, it's sad to accept the fact that I belong to a generation that is as sickening and disappointing as ours.Half of the people are following this distorted act only to be a part of the uncool gang, which by far is considered to be oh-so-cool!C'mon take a stand, get a hold of yourselves and have the balls to fall in love instead of looking for temporary getaways.