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Maternity Wear Has Acquired A Style: Adopt It To Amp Up Your Look

Looking stylish during pregnancy can be a challenge. But being pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t wear trendy clothes. Luckily, the maternity wear has undergone a makeover.Below are 14 clothing tips that will help you look elegant during nine months of pregnancy.

#1 Stick to your style

Dig out all your favourite oversized sweaters, long tees, comfortable leggings and the likes. You’ll feel relaxed in your comfy clothes. You will also be happy that you’re still your stylish self.

#2 Shop beyond the maternity section

Most maternity stores offer functional and comfortable clothes but they’re not always stylish. They can also be expensive. The best place to shop for fashionable pregnancy clothes is in the plus size section of your favourite apparel store. Look for pieces that fit around your baby bump. Post-delivery, get them altered to your size.

#3 Layering can make you look bulky

Hiding your baby bump might seem a good idea. But enveloping your bump in layers of fabric will make it look bigger. Don't wear too loose clothes. Choose snug over bulky.

#4 Put on a jacket

Streamline your outfit by creating a lean silhouette. Put on a jacket or coat over your outfit as it creates a clean line. Your curves will look narrower. You can use this trick all through your pregnancy and even when you are sporting a post-pregnancy look.

#5 Go bold with patterns, prints and colours

Choose a dress having horizontal stripes or prints all over the fabric. Dark colours will make you look slimmer. Also, choose bright-coloured clothes.

#6 Show some skin

If you are small-chested, pregnancy is the time to flaunt your cleavage. Wear scoop neck tees or sweaters, off-shoulder dresses etc. It will make you look feminine and sexy. Show off your shapely legs in pencil skirts or flared skirts.

#7 Maxi dresses to conceal your bump

If you do not wish to make your pregnancy too obvious, then maxi dresses are a good option. These dresses flow away from the tummy. V-neck, A-line and empire waist dresses are still better options, as they are comfortable and look feminine.

#8 Accessorize it well

Most pregnant women stay away from accessories. But a statement piece or a delicate trinket can amp up your look. This will also elevate your mood. 

#9 Heavier fabrics can downplay your bump

Heavier fabrics can sometimes disguise your pregnancy when worn high-waisted. 

#10 Belt it up

If belt is tied above waist,  it can reign in excess fabric keeping the silhouette sleek and stylish. Use them on flowy dresses, longer tops.

#11 A flattering little black dress

Find a little black dress when you feel frumpy and frustrated. Wear it for parties or at home.

#12 Support it

Invest in good quality maternity bras, as they offer the right support and are fully adjustable. And also a well-fit bra is the perfect start to your stylish dressing.

#13 Maternity jeans

Go for a comfy and flattering pair of maternity jeans with extra support over the bump. If you like your pre-pregnancy jeans, then wear it under bump. It will enhance your style quotient.

#14 Trade heels for stylish flats and wedges

As your tummy grows, your centre of balance shifts. Your feet tend to swell up. So avoid high heels. Go for flat footwears.