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Husband Doesn't Want Wife To Go On Vacay, But Her Fidgets Win Him Over (Video)   

We have always seen women sacrificing their happiness for the sake of the families. They have always been shown going an extra mile for members of family. How we wish for them to have lived the fun moment of their life without thinking of others. This video projects one of those usual neighbourhood stories, where the 50-year old wife wants to take off on a vacation with her 'girl-gang' to Goa and the husband cannot do without her. The middle-aged husband wonders, what if she falls in trouble or what will he eat for five days? He continues to worry until the day arrives when she has to leave. He even pretends to have a stomach ache as his last minute attempt to prevent her from going on vacation. But would that stop the lady of the house from having fun?   Watch this video, and adore the sweet fidgets between husband and wife. And I am sure that the ending will make you go #JeeLeZara.   

What happens then, watch here!

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