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This Couple Lost Their 17-Month-Old Baby Due To Heart Disease And What They Did Next Will Amaze You 

On September 27, 2015, Dr Amit Sharma and Anjali Sharma were blessed with twins. They were happy that God had blessed them with a boy and a girl. Although, there was little concern for the baby girl, Arohi, as she weighed only 900 grams at the time of her birth.After a few regular checkups, Dr Amit and his wife Anjali realised that their baby is suffering from 'blue baby syndrome' which is also known as a congenital heart defect. Children who suffer from this syndrome have decreased the level of oxygen carried by haemoglobin in their body hence, the level of deoxygenated blood increases naturally.Arohi, who had just arrived in this world was examined by multiple heart specialists and all of them had one thing to say, "because of her low weight, they'll have to wait for life-saving surgeries".

In this picture, Arohi with her parents and a twin brother who was born with her.

"Arohi was supposed to get treatment through major surgeries, and doctors were only waiting for her to turn three, as her weight at this moment didn't match the medical standards," say Arohi's parents.

After being continuously ill for almost four days.

Early in the morning on Sunday, 12 March 2017 around 5:00 am Arohi Sharma passed away. Unfortunately, doctors couldn't save infant Arohi, and she lost her life while fighting a severe cardiovascular disease.

As soon as she left this world what her parents did has amazed almost everyone in India.

Arohi's parents after her demise fought through their sadness at the very moment and they chose to keep Arohi alive. Dr Amit Sharma and Anjali Sharma took the decision of donating her eyes (corneas).

They didn't even think of consulting their family and relatives before they took this decision.

"As soon as I heard the news, I chose to call an eye surgeon Dr Rajendra Malviya first, rather than my relatives," says Dr Amit Sharma (Arohi's Father).

Eye surgeon Dr Rajendra Malviya and Lalit Malaw performed the cornea retrieval operation.

Being a doctor themselves, Dr Amit and Anjali Sharma understood the importance of this decision for the people who live in the darkness all their life and what more they can do when they will get to see this beautiful world more intensely. 

She has said goodbye to this world, but she will live in our hearts forever.

It is one of the bravest decisions to make, and Arohi's parents have set an example that might change the course of eye donation in the country as this real life story has already inspired millions of people.Arohi has donated her eye which is a gift to at least four people to see the beauty of nature after her. By doing this, Arohi has become the youngest eye donor in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India.

The greatest of all gifts could be the gift of vision. If a 17-month-old infant can, then why can't we?

"She may leave this planet, but her vision would stay here, forever." - An eye donor.WittyFeed salutes Arohi Sharma for being the youngest donor and her parents for inspiring millions around the world to do the same.That's all, folks!Subscribe