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These Then And Now Pictures Unveil The Impact Of Climate Change On Glaciers In 100 Years 

There have been a lot of changes on Earth in the last 100 years. Some of them have been good for us, and some of them haven't. There have been serious climatic changes in the recent years which have affected glaciers in the Arctic. This region is largely a vast ocean covered by ice sheets. But due to the increase in the temperature of Earth, the glaciers are melting at a very high rate in the Arctic.In the early 1900s, Arctic glaciers were the most stunning and amazing things in the world. But now after 100 years, the glaciers have changed drastically, and this is because of the changes in climate.Take a look at these then and now pictures of Arctic glaciers to agree.

The world has changed a lot in 100 years.

The warm climate due to global warming is the prime reason behind melting glaciers.

These glaciers hold 68.7 percent of Earth's fresh water.

10% of land area on earth is covered with glaciers.

The continuous melting of glaciers is increasing the sea level. 

Global warming is needed to be tackled as soon as possible!

It looks like there is nothing left.

These images are scary, and it's time to take care of the place where we live. The continuous changes in the climate are harming our environment.Images via: Christian PhotographyThat's all, folks!Subscribe