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Teen With Rare Aging Disorder Continues To Inspire Even After Three Years Of Being Dead

Born in 1996, Sam Berns was an American teen who lived quite an uncertain life as he was suffering from progeria. But he strongly believed that the only thing predictable about life is its unpredictability, and there is lot more you can do rather than worrying about it.Embracing such thoughts, Sam lived a very happy life in the midst of challenging situations, which is quite commendable. He became the unsung hero after he raged fight against this rare disease by creating awareness and inspiring others like him. Read the whole story below!

He became the face of progeria when nobody understood what it was.

Sam was less than two years old when he was diagnosed with progeria. A year later, his parents Scott Berns and Leslie Gordon, both paediatricians, established the Progeria Research Foundation to help and support the children born with this rare condition.

Only 200 children are suffering from this disease worldwide.

Progeria is a rare genetic disorder that causes a child's body to age faster than usual. Marked by characteristic signs such as baldness, wrinkled skin and baffled physical growth, death usually occurs around puberty.

But Sam lived his life to the fullest.

Sam was just a teenager when he died, but he always tried to live his life to the fullest. He went to the prom, built entire lego towns, earned many middle-school awards and even played in his high-school marching band. He sure did know how to live a happy life despite countless difficulties.

His TEDx Talk went viral over the internet.

In 2013, Sam gave a talk titled "My Philosophy For A Happy Life" at the TEDx Mid-Atlantic in Washington DC. His inspiring video went viral when he presented his entire life in simple yet engaging words that touched millions of hearts around the world.If you haven't seen it yet, scroll down for the video, it is definitely worth watching!

Life according to Sam.

Sam was praised for his candour and the way he treated life with such simplicity. In January 2013, he was screened in the HBO documentary titled "Life According to Sam".

His legacy will continue to inspire the world.

"Be ok with what you ultimately can't do, because there is so much you can do," says Sam. Unfortunately, three years back, in 2014, he passed away at the age of 17, but he will never be forgotten by the millions of hearts he touched during his short but remarkable life.