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#GuiltFreeHoli: WittyFeed Wishes You Happy Holi In Its Very Own Style

Holi is one of the most awaited Hindu festivals, without a doubt. It is a day where we behave as crazy as we can and become kids again.The dance, the colours and the bhang effect that is what Holi is all about. What's more interesting is that there are many songs made in Bollywood industry on Holi and we just can't imagine a Holi party without Bollywood songs.Over the years, the way of playing Holi has changed, people are now focusing more towards 'Gulal Holi' to save water, but we all know the real fun behind Holi with water and solid colours. To change this perception, we at WittyFeed started a campaign #GuiltFreeHoli by which we can enjoy the festival with water and take responsibility to save water for remaining 364 days of the year. Also Read: #GuiltFreeHoli - What Is The Nation's Youth Planning For This Holi?

Fun of Holi is when it is played with friends.


Selfie trend continues.

When you have achieved 'something' in your life.

Colours are the reason to smile.

Life becomes beautiful when filled with colours.

Imagine if colours could sing?

Holi reinvents the bucket challenge.