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University Professor Who Posed Like Justin Bieber And Seduced Girls Online Charged With Sex Offences 

Justin Bieber is the king of many hearts. He has occupied the hearts of a million young girl ever since his debut in 2009. I know you still sing "baby."He's been successful ever since. After releasing four studio albums, 29 hit singles, and two documentaries) one of which grossed $76 million on its own,) he is undoubtedly a rockstar.Not just this, girls love him. But with this comes a significant signal of danger. The fan following makes girls do anything to meet him and what a 42-year-old (Gordon Douglas Chalmers) from Queensland did will put you in shock. Read on to know more. Source Independent

Bieber is love. I mean look at all this fan following. 

I mean girls will definitely give anything to meet this fine man right here. 

With over 80 million followers, who would say any girl will say no to a proposal. 

It turns out, a guy impersonated him and exploited a lot of targets. 

Gordon Douglas Chalmers (law professor at Queensland University of Technology) has been charged with 931 child sex offences. 

His picture has not been released by the authorities but this is clear that he utilised social networking platforms like Skype and Facebook to communicate with Justin's fans and impersonate as the singer himself.

This isn't the first time someone tried doing this. 

In 2016, a 24-year-old boy named Bryan Asrary from Massachusetts, was arrested for extorting sexually explicit images of girls using Bieber's identity on KIK.