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This Is What Donald Trump's Hard And 'Bone-Crushing' Handshake Means

Handshakes are a common way to greet people.Body language experts have come out with different views on how US President Donald Trump shakes hands with people and what such handshakes suggest about the business tycoon-turned-politician.Know what an expert has to say.

#1 What's In A Handshake?

A handshake is a common practice to greet people and make deals. Donald Trump is no stranger to deal making.

#2 More Handshakes Than Before

Since becoming US President, Donald Trump has increased handshaking as he meets US politicians and world leaders.

#3 A Different Handshake

Some experts say his handshakes are different from others. He sometimes tends to jerk or pull the person towards him while he is shaking hands.

#4 The Same To Nearly Everyone He Meets

Whether they are political opponents, nominees of his administration, or visiting dignitaries, they seem to get the same handshake.

#5 In Addition To The Handshake

He also tends to pat the person's hand.

#6 Sometimes, This Doesn't Work

It doesn't always work to his advantage, as one can see Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who kept his arm close preventing Trump from pulling him closer.

#7 Body Language

A body language expert who observed Trump's handshakes offered his opinion about what it says about the US President.

#8 What It Means

Darrin Stanton told The Independent, "It is all about the assertion of power and control. Trump is saying -  this is my space, my time, you are the guest, my house rules will apply.”

#9 Bone Crusher

He says it is called a 'bone-crusher handshake' where he completely engulfs the person's hand with his hand.

#10 Will They Be Compliant?

By pulling them in, Stanton says it is his way of deciding whether they will be compliant.So, look at Trump next time you see him on television and decide whether the situation warrants such an intrusive handshake.