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The Way You Swipe Your Phone Reveals A Lot About Your Personality 

When it comes to using our phones, the personality traits behind what finger is used to swipe never comes to mind. Well, it is something to think about every now and then, and we have the explanations behind each directional swipe and the meaning behind the usage of two very popular fingers.

#1 Swipe Up

If you swipe up, you're considered to be a well-liked person in your circle of friends. This comes with the side effect of random mood swings.

#2 Swipe Left

Swiping left means that you're a hard working individual that does best when it comes to business matters, and you have a great sense of humor.

#3 Swipe Down

Swiping down is a sign that you're one of the best team players out there, and you're not scared at expressing your opinion towards some of the big issues out there.

#4 Swipe Right

The right swipe means that you're a creative individual, but you tend to keep to yourself most of the time.

#5 Both Hands At Once

While it's one of the rarest forms of swiping, using both hands means that you're trying to get things done in a quick manner and have all of your priorities in check.

#6 The Index Finger

The index finger is mainly used to point at things and pick noses, but some individuals actually use it to swipe at their phones. Those who do are known to be very focused at their craft and check their work several times before handing it to someone.