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Stay In This Perfectly Restored 1960s Bedford Panorama Bus 

Sometimes DIY projects never cease to amaze. This retired Bedford Panorama bus has been converted into a traveling mobile home for hire. Nearly everything has been replaced and revamped while keeping some of the small traditional touches that make it the perfect classic vehicle to book on your trip to Radnorshire Hills, Mid Wales in the United Kingdom.Images Via: The Majestic Bus

#1 The Bus

You don't have to completely abandon civilization. The rooftop solar panels are enough to keep your cell phones and laptops connected.

#2 The Restored Interior

The wood-burning stove and cosy double bed are comfortable enough to say yes to a dream vacation in a perfect country lodging.

#3 Your Perfect Setting

You will wake up to an ideal setting to create unique and memorable morning views while eating breakfast.

#4 The Dining Room/Front Seat

Dine on your dinner while enjoying a panoramic view of Mother Nature.

#5 Enough Kitchen Space

There is enough space to move on the wood floors while cooking your meal on the stove or in the gas cooker.

#6  Second Bed

Are you taking your kids or traveling with a second couple? The L-shaped sofa folds out into another double bed.

#7 Historical Appeal

Many of the classic interior pieces are original and add to the rustic feel of the panoramic bus.

#8 Original Parts

Don't even think about taking this incredible piece of vehicular history for a spin because the bus is not meant for travel. You won't want to go anywhere once you arrive at the serene location.

#9 A Majestic Experience

You won't be roughing it. A wooden bath house is only a few meters away complete with flush toilets and hot showers. Candles are included to add some ambiance to a romantic evening with your loved one.