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The Hunger Games Actress Angel Giuffria Explains How Technology Has Transformed Her Life

Technology is amazing, isn't it?Angel Giuffria was born without arms, and she has been using prosthetics since she was just four months old. The most amazing thing about this woman is her personality. She is cheerful and happy despite having a physical disability. Many of us know her because of the role which she played in the movie, 'The Hunger Games.' She is a real life cyborg and bionic actress.She also spent her time with Grant Imahara who is a robotics enthusiast to discuss the future technology and how it has changed her life in a positive way.

She tried different bionic arms from very young age. 

Angel tried different bionic arms, but all led to disappointment. She was frustrated but continued to wear the arm daily because they were at least providing her with the support to do daily tasks.

Her life changed when she started acting.

Angel always wanted to pursue acting, but the disability (as people see) always demotivated her. Soon she got a bionic arm which provided her with the confidence. Gradually she overcame everything and went on to grab the chance and act in the movie 'The Hunger Games', and after that, she travelled globally to speak about the advancement in technology.

Angel is currently using bebionic 3.

The Bebionic 3 is the most advanced artificial arm, and it has changed Angel's life. The prosthetic arm is directly connected to the brain and needs to be charged before using. 

She loves promoting the technology.

According to Angel, technology has played a major role in her life, and that's the reason why she loves to promote the technology. 

She has become an inspiration.

Angel has become an inspiration to all who have problems in their limbs and to all those people who have a physical disability.

Recently Grant Imahara shared a never before seen video.

Angel and Grant Imahara discussed some new technology on the set of television series White Rabbit Project. Angel showed Grant with her arm attachments and how she uses it.

She also shot a dart with her special attachment.

Angel displayed her archery skills, and she is damn good at it. The whole talk was fantastic and also inspiring. That's all, folks!Subscribe