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20 Signs Of Romance That Prove You Are Special To Him

'Coz love needs no words.


For the world, you may be someone. But for someone, you are the world. And that someone will never let you feel left out, come what may.Words are not necessary to express emotions every time.  A few gestures are enough to convey the thoughts. Here I bring you some signs of romance that prove you both are special with each other.


1. He helps you in your tasks.

2. He makes himself available to you anytime.


3. He doesn't mind apologising first even when he is not at fault.

4. He checks on you often, just to ensure that you are doing fine....and also because he misses you!


5. He discusses his future plans with you.

6. He is gentle with you, even if he is an angry young man for the world.


7. He goes out of the way for you.

8. He is honest and loyal to you.


9. He is protective about you and gets jealous when you talk to other guys.

10. He knows your likes and dislikes and tries his best to surprise you with things that impress you.

11. He looks at you like you are the most beautiful woman on earth.

12. He never blames you and instead tries to put across his point of view in a subtle manner.

13. He listens to you patiently, ignoring all your mindless blabbers.

14. Instead of making plans alone, he involves you and executes it as a team.

15. He never lets your arguments or fights turn ugly. Instead, he gives it a rational approach.

16. He doesn't feel the need to remind you of his favors/sacrifices, not even during scuffles.

17. He loves taking selfies or pictures with you.

18. He enjoys silent time with you.

19. He makes efforts to bring a smile to your face.

20. He gives you preference.