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This Man's Utter Wisdom Will Definitely Leave You Feeling Positive And Uplifted

There is this man on social media who goes by the name 'Prince Ea'. You might have heard his name, or have seen his videos somewhere, if not, we are here to unveil a whole new perception of life in front of you. He talks about varied subjects from depression to today's education system, and he brings up points that have always been there but we somehow never paid attention to them. Prepare to get your mind blown by the positive outlook and wisdom of Prince Ea.

Do not confuse between 'Schooling' and 'Education'.

Stop protecting that which causes you suffering.

One word- SORRY

Questioning today's education system.

Never ever give in to the label you are given.

If we condense the time the earth has been around to 24 hours then humans have been here for 3 seconds. YES, 3 seconds!

Take time out for yourself- Rewind, Recharge, and Reconnect!

Don't forget to share his incredible words with your friends.Stay positive. Stay happy. Cheers!