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Guide to What a Strong Independent Woman of 21st Century Goes Through

Being a human being has its repercussions, then being a woman is way beyond uncomplicated and unchallenging. Leading the life of a woman was not easy, is not easy and will not be easier. And let me tell you, same is with men. Even they face a lot, and their share of troubles and complications are no less. This world is too complicated to be run by either of them alone. It will be in full swing only when both the halves work equally and respectfully for it. Surely one must refrain from any comparisons because all of us have a different life to lead, challenges to face, expectations to fulfill, dreams to pursue, and ideals to follow. So, comparing the two is just an insult, to be straight-forward. Life has its own set of dares and summons and times surely change. How women or in that manner, men used to live in history, is inimitable for now. One has to accept the fact that change is the only constant. Looking at the evolution of women till now, let us analyse what it takes to be a woman in the 21st century. 

She has to be a dab hand in EVERYTHING.

Being a woman comes with a package of challenges. One has to be a master of all, to live. Do not mistake me for calling it a burden on women, but that is something that has come of age, and surely, we can see women around us nailing it, effortlessly! 

She has to be a self-defender.

History (Rani Lakshmibai, to name one) has many examples of women who have excelled in self-defense and not only that, they have also protected the often referred to as 'stronger half'! This proves that women have to be strong and witty at the same time. 

She has been bombarded to be a feminist.

She is accused of supporting feminism because the society feels she is only good at it. But, the underlying motive of feminism is the call for equal rights for both the genders and no special rights for the so-called 'weaker half'. 

She has to be considerate of humanity as she is about females.

Generally, visualised as a self-obsessed species in an urban setup, the world forgets that she also has a heart and feels as closely for the misery of her fellow beings. She never steps back from helping. 

She has broken the shell and has plucked the courage to voice herself. 

A quintessential example is Emma Watson and her speech at the HeForShe Campaign 2014. She is a millennial, and her speech had garnered enough criticism for her. But, her words still echo in our minds. She said, "If not me, who?" and "If not now, when?". These two questions have made the world ponder upon women's stand, and has created ripples.

She has to deal with hypocrisy every day.

Where she has been respected one day of the year, on 'Women's Day', the very next day or rather that day itself, she is objectified. Huh, such is the double standard that the society has. It is important that we get over it and at least do what we say. 

She has the mettle inside her. 

A 21st-century woman is someone with tenacity, fortitude, and high spirits. She has a strong willpower, something to be envied of. She has become unstoppable now and does not look for comparisons or praises. She seems to achieve and attain success with full support, and also earn respect from the MEN of the society.