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International Women’s Day: What Being A Woman Means To Me

International Women’s Day is an annual celebration of womanhood, for all women in the entire world, that has been commemorated since the early 1900’s It’s about how far we have come with regards to our rights, achievements and goals as women, but to me the day goes so much deeper than this. To me Women’s Day is about celebrating those roles that only a woman can have in life. I am talking about our roles as:


Every girl in the world is someone’s daughter. In my opinion the bond between a mother and her daughter is one that neither party ever outgrows. It is unbreakable. The same rings true when it comes to the bond between a father and his little girl. It has been said many times that nothing can bring out the softer side in a man like his daughters can. Be proud as a woman because if anything you can at least say you are someone’s daughter.


I grew up with a sister who is six years older than me. At times there were tears and at times there was laughter, however there was always love. The connection that sisters share is another unique and special thing that not even science will ever be able to fully explain. If you are a woman with a sister or sisters you are someone who is lucky enough to be able to say that you have a true best friend for life.

Friends to other women

No one can understand what a woman is going through quite like another woman can. Since my childhood, I have memories of turning to my best friend when some little boy broke my heart or when I was simply sad that my dad said I could not go to the school dance that night. As women, our girlfriends become like sisters in a sense.The special relationship that two or more women are capable of sharing when there is no blood connection has long baffled the world. I for one am very proud to be able to say that I am a woman who has experienced such a connection, not only once but many times throughout my life.


In this day and age not everyone decides to get married anymore. Gone are the days when society expected you (as a woman) to be married before reaching the age of 23. However getting married and being someone’s wife (when it is for the right reasons), is another one of those unexplainable magical experiences that we as women can have in life, that is if we so choose. I for one love being married and I thank the stars every day for the blessing I have received in the form of my husband.


As women, our bodies can do something so extraordinary it completely blows the mind. We can create new life; new human beings, if it is our choosing to do so. I personally don’t have any children of my own but the bond I share with my sister’s two children is something very similar to the bond a mother shares with her own child/children.The ability to give birth to a baby is something amazing that only a woman’s body is capable of doing, however, this ability is not what makes us mothers. What makes us mothers is our potential to be nurturers and guides to our children whilst giving them the utmost love, support and understanding. Most any woman can give birth to a child, however, it takes a special woman to be a real mother.

Simply being ourselves

Remember that as a woman you are a unique, special individual whose strength makes you capable of defying all odds. Don’t let anyone ever put you down or make you do anything that you don’t want to. Gone are the days when we as women had to lie down in a corner and take whatever patriarchal society threw at us. You are strong and you have a voice, so don’t be afraid to use it to stand up for yourself and what you want and believe in.

A special note in closing

May this Women’s Day be one in which we remember and honor all those who had to sacrifice so much so that today we as women can walk with our heads high and proudly say that we have just as much right and say in this world as what a man does.Happy Women’s Day to all the women in the world.Debbie Nel