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Make The Star Dish Of Thai Ice Cream Roll And Surprise Everyone At Home

What’s the buzz about the Thai ice cream? We are sure you have your fair share of videos showing how the ice creams are transformed into the roll of yumminess. Almost tempts you to book your ticket and fly out just to grab a cup. There is a special machine that helps the vendors in creating distinctive ice creams rolls quickly. Does that mean your dream of exploring such deliciousness will not be fulfilled?Well, good news is here! Now, you can recreate the magic at your home and plunge into the world of gastronomical delight. Want to know how? Just read on.PS: Don't forget to send us the pictures of your ice cream roll.

1. Crushed Ice

Freeze ice cube and crush it in a blender. Make sure the end result is close to snow.

2. Salt

Before crushing the ice make sure to add a generous amount of salt. This will help in keeping the temperature low.

3. Trays

Get two trays, make sure one is smaller than the other and fits in the bigger one when kept upside down.

4. Banana

Slice the banana in half and eat the other half because you will just need a little one.

5. Brownie

Crumble a part of brownie and keep aside.

6. Chocolate Oreo

Break into half and keep aside.

7. Cream

This is the final ingredient that you will require.

8. Chocolate Sauce

You will use it for garnishing.

9. Cup

You can use paper or glass cup for presentation.

10. Paint scraper

You will require two of these to beat the ingredients.

Let's make it!

1. Put the crushed ice in the large tray and then cover with the smaller one.2. Use the base of the smaller tray as a board to make the ice cream.3. Assemble banana, brownie, and chocolate Oreo.4. Pour a little amount of cream over the ingredients.5. Beat it properly using the scrapers. Make sure the ingredients are mixed properly and also spread it flat in a thin way.6. Once done, the ice will freeze the mixture.7. Scrap out the ice cream roll using the scrapers.8. Place in the cup.9. Drizzle with chocolate sauce before serving.