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10 Amazing Architecture Illustrations That Perfectly Capture Mental Illnesses

If you ever wanted to know what a mental disorder looked like as a physical structure or a house, Spanish artist Federico Babina has released a project entitled Archiatric that does just that. People who do not suffer from these disorders might look at the images as abstract pieces of art while those who do suffer from them will be able to relate to the eerie accuracy.

#1 Paranoia

Paranoia is characterized by delusions that are elaborated into a specific system. It can come from the person's personality or be as serious as schizophrenia.

#2 Insomnia

Insomniacs suffer from habitual sleeplessness and are unable to sleep no matter how hard they try with different sleep aids or medication.

#3 Narcolepsy

On the other hand, narcoleptics have a hard time staying awake and have a tendency to fall asleep in random situations.

#4 Phobias

Being scared of something can cause one to live in a world that is surrounded by fear.

#5 OCD

When everything has a place and needs to be organized into a specific order. People with OCD can't rest until their systematic quirks are established.

#6 Schizophrenia

This is an extreme mental disorder that causes a breakdown in a person's thought pattern that leads to a faulty perception of reality.

#7 Depression

No matter how hard you try, happiness just doesn't seem to be an emotion you can feel anymore. Depression is characterized by extreme sadness.

#8 Anxiety

When nervousness seems to get the best of people who suffer from chronic anxiety, the whole world can feel like a cell that he or she is trapped in and cannot escape.

#9 Dementia

Dementia is characterized by a breakdown in cognitive skills or memory and people who suffer from it are no longer able to perform some of the basic everyday activities.