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Woman Got A Huge Surprise Six Weeks After Giving Birth And Her News Is Astounding!

Motherhood is an entirely different and heart-touching feeling. Having a baby can make you feel whole, and that new little human takes up all of your time— but you wouldn't have it any other way. Being a new mom can be insanely stressful and overwhelming at times, and one mom from Sydney, Australia knows this all too well. Only six weeks after the birth of her baby girl named Charlie, she got the most astonishing news, and it proves everything does indeed happen in threes.

Eliza Was Ecstatic With Being A New Mom.

Eliza Curby from Sydney, Australia couldn't wait to meet her sweet daughter Charlie, and in January of 2016, she gave birth to a healthy baby.

Curby Took To Her Motherhood Duties With Ease.

She began breastfeeding immediately, and she bonded with her new baby effortlessly. Curby's exam with her doctor six weeks after giving birth revealed that she forgot one important detail while dealing with motherhood.

Curby Wasn't Using Contraceptives After Giving Birth.

The 27-year-old didn't even think about birth control since she was breastfeeding Charlie. Her doctor revealed that she was pregnant with twins, only six weeks after giving birth to her first child. Curby and her partner Ben couldn't believe the news they were hearing.

Curby Didn't Know How To Tell Family And Friends About It.

The couple took a few weeks to process the news, and when she told her father, she recalls that his face turned to "horror." Having three children under the age of one was going to be a big challenge, but they were up for it.

There Were Hard Times With Three Babies.

Curby is not hesitant to admit there have been some big challenges. It is sometimes embarrassing to go into public with three babies, and she is constantly stared at. Curby has combatted these challenges by creating her own blog called 'Twingenuity' where she can vent about the hardships she experiences.

This Mom Wouldn't Change It For The World.

Curby gave birth to identical twin boys in December of 2016, and she couldn't be happier despite all of the challenges she faces with three babies. Her doctor uses her as an example of the importance of contraception after birth, and she is living proof that one can most certainly turn into three.