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Man Comes Out Of His Closet After 90 Years As Gay And Says "My Family Understood Me"

There is nothing more fruitful than your family accepting you for who you are and that too after a period of 95 years. But imagine yourself spending all that time in a closet. What will it feel like after coming back? In a YouTube video, I came across recently, Davey Wavey sat with Roman Blank, a man who has been hiding in his closet for all this time about his coming out as a gay last year; at the age of 95.Via YouTube

Meet, Roman Blank, a man who came out of his closet almost after 90 years. 

The fear that most LGBTQ people face is coming out in the open. 

When he was asked why he hid in the closet, he replied saying he was scared his family won't accept him. 

"I told my family the entire tragedy of my life and they understood me." 

Blank admitted that he knew he was gay when he was 5 years old but he never spoke about it in public. 

He married, raised a family and kept his mouth shut all this while. 

He was scared to come out

When asked what kind of a man he would love to have, he gave a pretty good answer.