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Ex-Playboy Russian Model Held At US Airport On Suspicion Of Being A Spy

We've heard of film stars Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan having been frisked and questioned at airports several times. But it doesn't stop there.Former Russian playboy model, actress and TV presenter Victoria Bonya, was held at an airport in America on suspicion of being a spy.Read on to know what exactly happened.

Suspicion of being a spy!

Former Playboy model Victoria Bonya, 37, said she was questioned by officers at an airport in Los Angeles on suspicion of being a spy.

She was asked about Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Officers asked her about Russian president Vladimir Putin after they found a business card of a company that produces hidden video cameras in her luggage.

Victoria Bonya said:

"That was a real blow. I thought I was going down and they would deport me. Instead of asking some real questions, the officer decided to talk about our President. Finding out everything about my position, he started talking about the KGB."

She was asked if she was a member of the secret services.

Officials began grilling the blonde bombshell, asking if she was a member of the secret services.

Victoria Bonya added:

"I started laughing, as I really thought it was a joke, until they asked me the same thing for a third time."

Her social media account actually did the trick!

Bonya said she finally managed to get away after she showed the officers her social media accounts.

Probably they just wanted to spend some time with pretty lady!

She shared her story online and her followers responded with their own views and experiences of the customs service. 

She has a large fan following.

She has 1.9 million followers on Twitter and nearly five million followers on Instagram.

This beauty has had a successful career!

Victoria Bonya comes from the town of Krasnokamensk in eastern Russia's Zabaykalsky Krai region.  Her big break came when she starred in Russia's best-known reality TV show, Dom-2. She has had a successful career as a model, actress and a TV presenter.