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Become Master Chef With These Cooking Tips That Will Make You Stand Out

Want to become an exceptional cook?Then, try some simple tips which will help you to master the art of cooking.  They will also help you to cook a dish which will have a lip-smacking flavour. Check the tips below to give that extra dimension to your dish.

1. Ice cream scoop

The first step is to remove seeds from vegetables and fruits. It will help to retain the original flavour.

2. Olive oil and herbs

Freeze your herbs in olive oil and use directly during cooking. Simple and easy!

3. Ice and fat

If your dish has turned out to be oily, then wrap ice cubes in a paper towel and softly wipe off the upper layer of oil from the dish. See the fat fading away with ice.

4. Frozen stock

Make your dish tastier by using homemade stock. And this is simple.  Each week, freeze some of the stock to use later. 

5. Oil at the edge of pan

When you require more oil while cooking the dish,  then pour it from the edge of the pan. Why?  The oil gets heated up when it reaches the ingredients.

6. Salt and herb

Sprinkle some salt on the board while cutting herb. You will get rid of the problem of herbs flitting away.

7. Marinate meat with citrus

To give mealy texture to the meat, sprinkle it with citrus while marinating.

8. Cheese in hot pasta

Sprinkle some parmesan cheese on boiled pasta and toss. This will make the sauce to stick to the pasta and taste better.