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First All Women Round The World Trip Is Completed And Here Are The Proud Crew Members

I am sure, everywhere you must be reading that how women have been proving their calibre and worth since long and how they can achieve all by themselves, without giving a damn to male chauvinists around them. Agreed to this point that women have been making it large in their lives now, but both men and women are two amazing species on this planet and there should be no comparison between the two of them. I agree, in this male-dominated society, women have endeavoured, struggled and then strived to be called at par with the men surrounding them. But, at this point, it is important to realise that we have to rise above mere comparisons and work towards self-improvement and not rest on laurels. This is something that Air India staff has done.A stupendous and substantially thought of as a big achievement, and in a largely men-driven industry, Air India has made history by completing a 9,500 miles journey from Delhi to San Francisco in a Boeing 777-200LR plane which had an all-female staff and was captained by Captain Kshamata Bajpayee. To your amazement, ranging from ground crew to the captain, women did it all.  Phenomenal work ladies, WittyFeed is proud of you and your courage and coordination! Keep it up, Ladies!

The brave crew of the Air India flight.

Also, they plan to replicate this in future, looking at the success they have achieved. This is also to celebrate International Women's Day on March 8

Air India has applied for a Guinness World Record.

Air India is looking forward to greater sign ups from women pilots.Also read: 7 Daring Women Who Changed The Course Of Women Empowerment.

Captain Kshamata Bajpayee with Captain Sunita Narula, Capt Indira Singh and Capt Gunjan Aggarwal.

Captain Kshamata Bajpayee said, "This flight is a symbol that every single male-dominated function can be carried out by women safely and efficiently."

The complete Air India crew on the flight seen in celebrating mode.

With the great success that the flight has tasted, Air India wants to boost recruitment of female staff. There is a female staff of 20 percent in the airline this year, which is way beyond five per cent in the past. Looking at the global stats, India is way ahead of the global average - with just one in 33 pilots around the world being a woman.

Captain Kshamata Bajpayee, left, with one of her co-pilots in the cockpit. 

All of the staff involved in the flight - from the ground crew to the air traffic control dispatchers - were women, that is applaudable. *Pride*This came just two days after two women made history by becoming the first two black female pilots to fly together in a cockpit; they are First Officer Dawn Cook and Stephanie Johnson of Delta Airlines.

First Officer Dawn Cook and Stephanie Johnson beamingly posing from the cockpit.

Also, Johnson is the first black female captain for Delta Airlines.

Johnson told Delta News Hub,

"There were no pilots in my life growing up, and I think I'm the first person in my family to graduate from college. But for as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated with airplanes and would think, what a great thing it would be to know how to fly.''

Definitely, a path-breaking work accomplished by the beautiful ladies. 

They are surely a great inspo for women around the world to pursue their career in the aviation industry. They are a personification of courage, self-belief and endurance. Hats off to you!News Source - DailyMail