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Healthy Easy Desserts For Those Who Can’t Get Over Obsession For Sweet

Tough are the times when you have to say goodbye to your love for sweet because of your desire to stay healthy. We understand how hard it can be to say goodbye to the love of your life err… your stomach. Thus, like the Batman in need, we are here to give you delicious sweet dishes that you will never feel guilty about exploring. The best part is that they are super easy to make. 

1. Banana Ice Cream

Cut out thin coins of bananas and freeze for two hours. Then blend until smooth and fold in cracker crumbs. Freeze again and garnish with mint before serving.

2. Cinnamon Baked Pears

Cut pears in half and scoop out the centre. Brush with melted butter then sprinkle sugar dust and cinnamon. Bake for about 40 minutes in a preheat oven. Serve with vanilla ice cream scoop.

3. Frozen Butter Pie

Combine egg white, sugar, and biscuit crumbs. Form the base of the pie dish with it and then bake for 10 minutes. Meanwhile combine sugar, milk, and vanilla by whisking properly. Cover and chill then mix until fluffy. After that, pour into the pie crust and freeze for over 8 hours before serving. Sprinkle with chocolate chips before serving.

4. Kiwi Pop

Boil sugar in water to prepare the syrup. Then cut the kiwis in round coin-like shape then mix into a puree. Combine kiwi puree, lime juice, and sugar syrup. Then put in molds and freeze for 8 hours. enjoy a chilled healthy sweet treat.

5. Date & Coconut Balls

Mix sugar and butter with seedless dates. Keep stirring unless it is a brown and sticky. Then add cereal, grated coconut, vanilla, and salt. Combine well and form round shape and let is set. Enjoy!

6. Chocolate Pom Poms

Add melted chocolate in muffin tray then put pomegranate seeds. Top them up with the molten chocolate and refrigerate for 30 minutes. Then serve and enjoy!

7. Vanilla Lemon Berry Parfaits

Whisk lemon curd, vanilla, and pudding together then set aside. In another bowl prepare a mixture with honey, lemon juice, and zest of lemon. Add barriers to the honey mixture and fold properly. In small cups, place the curd mixture at the base, then put some barriers, and then top with the honey mixture. Garnish with mint leaves and freeze for 2 hours before serving.