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10 Bizarre Facts About The Penis Museum Will Leave You Stunned!

The Icelandic Phallological Museum is located at Iceland. It is the world largest Embellishment of penile parts. Hjörtur Gísli Sigurösson, the museum's curator, is a second-generation phallological who dedicated their life to collecting a penis. Visitor's responses are very funny; the museum has obtained legally certified gift tokens for four human penises and some people wish to donate theirs moments before their death. You can also visit shocking stories like this  Dolphin-Lover on @WittyFeed

These simple things will force you to visit Penis museum at Iceland.

Hjörtur Gísli Sigurösson, museum's curator.

This man dedicated his life to collecting penises.

The museum displays sculptures.

To honor the winning Icelandic handball team of 2008, the museum displays some sculptures.

The gift shop has hilarious gifts.

This penis is of a 95-year old man.

This is an elephant penis from the museum.

Hilarious artwork.

Everything is like an erect penis even the doorknobs.

American man Tom Mitchel wants to donate his penis to the museum before he dies.

For vegetarians only

17 different kinds of different species of whales.