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Breaking Gender Stereotypes: Meet India’s First Legally Married Transgender Bride

February 18, 2017, the wedding bells of Sanjay Muhury and Shree Ghatak awakened the entire nation. Their love knew no bounds, and they crossed all the obstacles and embraced a happy marriage. Being childhood sweethearts, they never gave up on each other despite the fact that Shree was a trans woman.At first, it was very difficult for them to gain acceptance from the society but after a wait of 15 long years, they declared a victory of love over all social shenanigans. The duo was legally married after Shree underwent a Sex Reassignment Surgery in 2015. Though they got married last year, it is now legally registered.Also read: Amazing Before And after Transgender.

Woman trapped inside a man's body!

“I was a woman trapped in man’s body. I felt very lonely and ashamed at times,” said Shree in an interview. She also shared how her mother always supported her. Her husband too felt social disgrace about the relationship, but love taught him to keep fighting.

Fighting against all odds.

Both of their families were strictly against the relationship earlier. But as Shree underwent surgery, her in-laws full-heartedly welcomed her. Their relationship survived against all the odds.

Towards acceptance.

Sanjay was often criticised for being in a relationship with a trans-woman, but the surgery made it easier for their families and other people to accept their relationship. "The surgery legally made me what I already was,” says Shree in an interview.

From an ugly childhood to a happy marriage.

“I was often harassed and beaten for what I am. My childhood has been a dark one, and now I can see happiness entering in my life,” says Shree on being asked about her childhood. Sanjay and Shree are friends since they were 14. Shree was attracted to him as normal girls do, but she remained confused.

Raising voice against the system for the underprivileged.

Shree Ghatak works as a theatre artist and runs an NGO which fights for the rights of the underprivileged. “The journey wasn’t easy, but my husband’s constant support kept me going.”

"She is a blessing," says Sanjay.

Sanjay says, "She is a beautiful and energetic woman and she has done a lot for me. Now it’s my turn to stand by her side. We expect an amazing married life ahead.”

Getting rid of the 'trans' tag.

On asking about their marriage, Shree says, “I still have those words echoing in my ear when my mother-in-law said that we couldn't wait to see you as our daughter-in-law. That was the happiest day of my life when I knew I was independent of the ‘trans’ tag.”