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Akansha Singh: The Girl From Varanasi Making Her Way Through The Odds

How big is it when you achieve a point in your life where you lead the national team of your country in an International event? Or should I phrase it like, how big is it when you fight all odds (being a woman sportsperson in India) to end up being the captain of Indian national basketball team?Akansha Singh, the captain of the Indian national basketball team, has reached that height and her game and skills tell how worthy she is to reach a platform that big. Let us have a look at this girl from Varanasi making her way through the odds and ending up being the national team captain.

One of the agilest and very skilled ball handlers of the era.

She has been awarded as the 'Best Player' in many national and state championships. In her captaincy at the University of Delhi, she won a gold medal in All India University Basketball Championship at Nallor, where she was given joint best player award along with her sister Pratima Singh.

Awardee of the most 'Valuable Player' in India at the MBPL 2010.

Akansha, in India’s first Professional Basketball League, MBPL 2010 was awarded for her excellent performance.

Her name is cemented in the Indian Basketball history books.

Singh, who is just 27 years old has her name cemented in the Indian Basketball history books as one of the first ever Top Four Players to achieve the 'A Grade' from the Basketball Federation of India.

Small wonder in basketball.

The Varanasi girl is popularly known as the 'Small wonder in basketball'. With a height of mere 5' 6", Singh has done the work that would be tough for a 6'7" guy.

11 years of experience in the age of 27.

She is the member of national women team since 2004 to till date. 

The Singh sisters...

Her sisters Divya, Prashanti, and Pratima, have represented Indian National Women's Basketball Team. Another sister Priyanka Singh is a coach at National Institute of Sports basketball. Together they are also known as Singh sisters.