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6 Easy Habits That Will Turn You Into A Mentally Fit Person 

Who are the most mentally tough people on the planet? Well, that could be subjective, because being fit mentally doesn't come from exercises that we can do in the gym; not it's going to originate from any protein shake either.Rather, there are certain things which are found common in almost all the mentally tough people. The truth is eventually revealed why some people get noticed as one of the most mentally tough people. What? Already wondering why? Well, it's only because of natural six habits which they follow. And the best part is, you can try them too to get much required mental peace and fitness. Let's have a look!

1. Always remember, 'small bricks build big houses.'

You cannot reach from one place to another directly; you have to take many small steps which will ultimately help you to reach the final destination.Being an efficient team player is all about knowing how your small contribution leads the group near the success of a larger goal. Learn the art of cutting down big goals into small ones, actionable tasks.To have intellectual strength in any endeavor, you have to learn the art of moving back and learning both the big picture and the tiny steps that will bring that concept to life.If you are only centered on the big picture, you'll always live in the clouds, and get baffled because nothing is actionable. Conversely, if you are only concentrated on the tiny steps, you'll never see the big picture--and you'll get frustrated as you feel like you're rotating your wheels (which you are).You have to understand both the things. Always, start small, but remember the big thing you are developing at the same time. That balance takes practice.Related: 10 Reason Behind Mark Zuckerberg's Success

2. Visualise everything in your head | Rehearse success.

Make it a habit, every time you're trying to perform a tough task, imagine yourself doing it amazingly by taking small steps at a time. Feel the success, imagine if you get a chance to speak after the success, what words you're going to utter? Rehearse everything inside your head.When I was a kid, I had appalling visions. I used to recall a lot about what I would do if a thief ever came into our house. One night, I detected a loud sound underneath when everybody was asleep, and I thought the time had finally come. I was 7.I remember looking round my place for a protection and, in my head, going over my method over and over again, I would disappear behind the door, wait until they looked their head in, and then WAM!It was all very exciting. But, humor aside, this is part of the method when it comes to keeping a clear head in moments of stress (or battle).You have to give a lot of time exercising scenarios ahead of time, so that, when the time of truth presents itself, you are ready to give your best shot.

3. Always use "4 x 4 x 4" method to control your anxiety.

Inhale for four seconds.Exhale for four seconds.Rehearse for four minutes.It's no different than a meditation respiratory exercise. The idea is simple: Soothe your mind. Every great leader understands not to make choices in the heat of the time, and that works for both business and war.Whenever you feel stressed, it's all about taking a while to check in with yourself, and the easiest technique to do this is to count your breath.

4. Do not react, respond. - Buddha.

The glass can be half empty or half full. It depends on you to choose which way you want to see something. People who are mentally tough have a trick for always recognizing the positive.Why? Because they appreciate seeing the cynical won't get them where they want to be any quicker. Reframing the circumstances in a positive light isn't just a "feel good" practice, but it's an incredibly useful way to move yourself and the current state in the direction of your choice.Leaders, particularly, know that reframing to find the positive is crucial for keeping people motivated and occupied. And if you can learn how to reframe to the active, your patience and tolerance for hindrances and difficulties will increase exponentially.Related: Stages Of Failure You Must Know To Achieve Success

5. Learn the art of celebrating 'small victories.'

People who have the strength to struggle and fight and struggle have an even greater talent to enjoy the journey. They can go so high, and so far because they are inspired with themselves along the path. They observe the small stuff, instead of always saying "I'm not there still."At some point, "I'm not there still" just gives you a feel like you'll never get "there." You will feel the contrast of motivated. You will feel defeated. Don't be scared to take a while and see where you are on the path.Sure, you might not be "there" yet, but you've surely come a long way. Be satisfied with yourself. Practice the habit of observing the real. This energy will carry you over any hardship.

6. Find your players, make the team.

No matter how skilled, how strong, how intelligent you are, just remember: Nobody wins solely.A team is everything. The entire mentality is built on cooperation and support and communication. The reason is: You can achieve more with others than you can by yourself. And ahead of that, you can grow, learn and master yourself quickly when you are surrounded by others who share similar habits. Though, it's called "Personal Growth," the great individual growth occurs through intercommunication with other like-minded people.As the cliché goes, "Iron sharpens iron." You need to find somebody similar enough to you that you may get along, but separate enough that they can challenge and teach you. They correct you to become better and give you a feeling of sameness and agreement that it is an essential need in all human beings.

These 6 habits that you just read, will surely help you in becoming more fit 'mentally.'

In a nutshell: Always remember these 6 important practices:Always remember, 'small bricks build the big houses.'Visualize everything in your head | Rehearse the success.Always use "4 x 4 x 4" method to control your anxiety.Do not react, respond. - Buddha.Learn the art of celebrating 'small victories.'Find your players, make the team.That's all, folks!You may also read, One-Liner About Success Which Will Skyrocket Your MoraleFor more inspiring stories, click here.Subscribe