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The Secret Is Out: These 15 Flight Attendants Share Undisclosed Things About Their Profession

Almost every child in this world dreams about traveling in a plane. Imagining how the world looks from the sky above But, the bitter reality is that when the same child is young enough to travel to a place, they misuse, misbehave and compromise most of the safety procedures that make traveling comfortable. And the person who suffers most because of this behavior is none other than the flight attendants.From the outside, being a flight attendant might seem like an exciting job. The reality is, however, that these guys have to struggle incredibly long hours and have to deal with a lot of B*%S#i^.Recently, cabin crew workers have taken it to Reddit to reveal the secrets of their profession, and it's not all sunshine and flowers. Let's have a look!

#1 Those bulky, two bottle down passengers asking which city they're flying over?

Well, why don't you get up and ask the pilots? Maybe, they could give you a clue.Related: Some Companies Have Designed Transparent Plane, And It's Amazing

#2 For you, this is casual. But because of this, the cabin crew might lose their jobs.

Be a good passenger, don't roam around like an excited kid.News: A Hero, Who Died In A Plane Crash After Saving 282 Passengers

#3 We're human, not Facebook.

Imagine yourself at their place, now would like to get poked the way you always poke flight attendants?Related: Viral Video Of A Man Chasing Down  A Plane In Adventurous Run

#4 However, there are some bribe concepts that work.

Wait, what is this mystical ‘bribery’ concept you speak of? Let me think of one.Ever Wondered: What Air Hostesses Do After They Deboard Passengers

#5 Don't ever forget to do this! 

You are not the Silver Surfer. Understood? It annoys the cabin crew. 

#6 Wondering what you could do during a flight?

Well, just one thing. Just sit back, relax, and rest.Related: It's Unsafe For Women To Travel By Plane, Find Out Why

#7 Most of us never noticed this warning.

Before trying to pull a "mile high club", make sure you know that the door can be unlocked from the outside.

#8 And all the bad things you do during a flight, may come back in any form.

Flight attendants clearly have a poo(r) sense of humor. Or they just rocked the show? It depends.

#9 We misunderstood this one for sure.

But, in both situations most of us would do the same thing. Lights off! Sleep.

#10 Isn't it funny how it works?

Can't even decide if it's true or not. Making us look forward to your next plane journey. What do you say?

#11 Whaaaaaaat?

Never in my life will I ever feel safe about flying with a stranger. Or, I would take that lovely and quiet neighbor’s meal.

#12 Admit it or not, most of us do this all the time.

At the same time, we just hate that guy who gets up the minute the plane has landed.

#13 Nobody wants to be late.

Not the other passengers, not the cabin crew, and not even the sweepers. So, just keep calm and drink on.

#14 I bet you didn't know about this.

Wow! The next time I'm walking upstairs on a plane I'm going to act insanely weird to check if it works.

#15 Isn't it bad news for Hobbits?

Well, there's a lot we didn't know about planes. I'm feeling excited to go on a flight asap.'Till then, why don't you just flaunt this piece of information in front of your friends? Don't forget to share your views in the comment box.That's all, folks!For more Travelling stories, click here.Subscribe