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Why It's Time To Give Up On The Person Who Gave Up On You

Some wise Man once said that Everything is fair in Love and War. But is it really? Love is a tricky word and so are Relationships. It requires immense understanding towards the other person and efforts to be put in from both the ends when you are a couple.All of us have got our hearts broken at some point of our lives. When everything that was once the most beautiful has turned into something dark and ugly. When someone you loved cheated on you or just simply gave up on you and moved on in life. Important thing to remind yourself is to keep going and being strong. If somebody loves you they will never give up on you, no matter what. However, should that happen with you, it's time you tell yourself that you deserve someone better and its time you give up on that person! Just like he/she did!Read on to understand more!Recommended Story: 6 Things To Do When You Feel Like You Are Fighting Your Battles All Alone

Please give more than just sh*t!

Does it matter to the other person when you are feeling depressed? Is he around to make you feel comforted and happy and help you come out of that phase. If not, it's time you tell yourself that you deserve better and move on.


Is he/she constantly going around meeting new people and more so of the opposite sex, than spending time with you? Sure we need our space in a relationship but not at the cost of you both seeing each other lesser than what he or she goes around meeting others.

Constant fights and disappointments

Being thankful is one of the nicest things you can do in a relationship. But if your good deed goes unacknowledged and in fact is dissected and criticized, it makes one feel worse. Best is to move on in life and find someone who values you for what you are.

Life's hell!

You have stopped being the person you were before, and Life has come tumbling down to the point where you are constantly unhappy. Word to the wise, move on because if this person you are with was the love of your life, you wouldn't feel this way.

No No No No!

No! That's your partner's favorite word. Whether it's for meeting your parents or helping you out with monthly groceries or going out to the movies or simply just being there for you when you are sick, the answer is always a 'No.' Don't you think you deserve a 'Yes' for all of the above?

Here comes the question!

Ask yourself if it feels good to have him/her in your life. Is he in the relationship to go the last mile for you or he is just there for the sake of it. After all, Breakups are painful but not as painful as staying in a relationship that makes you unhappy. 

Let him/her go.

It's best to face the situation and let the other person walk out. Cry if you need to, mend your broken heart. Give it time as time is the best healer.

Heal Yourself!

Life will be beautiful, and it will have a meaning again. You will turn a new leaf and more hopeful towards your future which will be someone who will never give up on you. After all, You deserve better!