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You Can Now 'Pause' Your Patriotism If The National Anthem Is Played In A Film At The Theatres

It was in the month of November; when Supreme Court ruled out the verdict that "it's mandatory to play the National Anthem (Jana Gana Mana) before the screening of a motion picture in theatres, and all will rise to their feet to honour the national anthem and patriotism". As some experts suggest, the underlying agenda behind this ruling was "to instil a sense of commitment towards nationalism and patriotism in Indian citizens".Now, the author needs your conscious attention, so please ask yourself, do we need a court's verdict to decide when or when not to respect the National Anthem? I guess, No. Right?Because love for motherland comes from within, but still we welcomed the ruling and chose to stand up whenever theatres played Jana Gana Mana before or after the film.Everything was alright until the supreme court's recent verdict, which states "No one is obliged to stand up when the National Anthem is played as part of a film/documentary" came out. This judgement has shaken most of the people who have little respect left within them for the nation.It's the dual nature of a verdict that has shocked almost everyone.Is National Anthem not a National Anthem when performed in the context of the movie? Although, we're going to respect the Anthem anyways, let's have a look at the motive behind the contradictory ruling passed by the Supreme Court.

Times, when it all started...

In 2015, a video on the internet went viral, where it emerged that the crowd at a movie theatre in Mumbai, harassed a family of five, including a child, who chose to remain seated as the national anthem was played. It wasn't the only case; there are many such cases taking place every day.

The court released the mandatory ruling.

Maharashtra and Goa are one of the first states that passed a law to play the National Anthem mandatorily in theatres. And, soon after the judgement, cinema halls around the country started to play National Anthem in the beginning.

To understand it logically, we may have to see occasions when country's national anthem is played.

It is played in global sporting competitions when players represent their respective countries. It is played in diplomatic events when diplomats and executives serve the country. It is played on national days, when the country is celebrating the national days, such as independence or republic day.It's always an honour to listen to our National Anthem at the sporting events, and in films that depict patriotism, like the recent release Dangal.

But, passing two different judgements on the same issue, what kind of justice is that?

Initially, the court stated that it is compulsory to stand-up when theatres will play the National Anthem at the beginning of a movie with the motive to instil a sense of commitment towards nationalism and patriotism in Indian citizens."BUT."People are not obliged to stand up when the National Anthem is played as part of the film/documentary.

What does it mean?

One should value the National Anthem only at the occasions which are directed by our Supreme Courts? Else, anyone can just sit and relax! A BIG NO.


I don't need any reason or obligation to respect my National Anthem. I don't need any verdict to stand-up in honour of the country that feeds me, secures me, and provides me shelter and safety.I choose to stand every time I hear the National Anthem. No matter what.It's time #WeChooseToStandThat's all, folks!Subscribe