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13 Signs That Prove Your Relationship Is In Comfort Zone

Research reveals that you are in comfort zone of the relationship with your partner exactly after 11 months and 24 days. It's the time when you feel happy to share about your ex-partners and do not mind telling them for their bad breath odour.Has your relationship hit the comfort zone? Check these signs that show the strength of your relationship. 

1. Letting them look after you.

2. Using the toilet without locking the door.

3. Feeling free to cry in front of your partner.

4. Having the confidence to tell partner if their breath is a little smelly.

5. Giving your partner house keys is another sign that your relationship has hit the comfort zone.

6. Talking about/knowing about ex-partners

7. Calling them by a pet name

8. Taking shower together.

9. Talking about or doing silly stuff.

10. Going clothes shopping together.

11. You do not mind to meet them without makeup.