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10 Breathtaking Photos That Put A Different Perspective On The World

The earth is a magnificent place filled with unique formations, wondrous landscapes, and brilliant people. All of those attributes join forces in this list of 10 of the most beautiful and breathtaking photos you've probably never seen.Get ready to explore the world through the eyes of some of the finest photographers this globe has to offer.

#1 Antelope Canyon

Photographer David Norris found the perfect perspective of California's Antelope Canyon in what could be confused for a piece of sand art or an abstract painting.

#2 Barrel Roll Of An F-16

Now that miniature cameras have become more widely available. We are able to witness being in the cockpit of an F-16 performing barrel rolls while firing off defensive flares.

#3 Ant Vs. Raindrop

Do not underestimate the power of a raindrop. Even though an ant can lift about 5,000 times its own body weight, this poor guy is combatting the droplet's surface pressure.

#4 Surf, Sand, And Service

Photographer Adam Cole Barber perfectly captures the beauty of San Diego, CA with this photo of leisure ocean activity while an aircraft carrier slowly makes it way out to sea.

#5 Lightning Strikes Grass

Mother Nature has a unique way of creating artistic masterpieces throughout our world. Here is what it looks like when a bolt of lightning strikes the grass of a golf fairway.

#6 The Milky Way's Next Door Neighbor

According to NASA, the agency continues to explore galaxies beyond our own. This is a photo of Andromeda, the Milky Way's closest galaxy that sits almost 2.5 million light-years from the Earth.

#7 Inside Of A Glacier

This may look like an awe-inspiring piece of abstract art, but it is actually an amazing and breathtaking photo of ice formations within Icelandic caves.

#8 A Tree Protecting The Sunset

Some people think photographers simply point and shoot. They don't realise the scouting, planning, and time it takes to find the perfect shot.

#9 Stairway To Heaven

There are many tricks you can play using a camera's long exposure and a light source. This example is of the light trail left behind a commercial landing jet. 

#10 Just Keep Swimming

A school of Yellow Jellies surrounds this girl, and she doesn't look the least bit concerned. Taken off of the coast of the Rock Islands of Palau.