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10 Of History's Most Heart-Wrenching Moments Caught On Camera

History holds secrets, mysteries, pain, and power. But, these emotions are often not captured well in the books. We learn a lot in schools and colleges about our past as it's important to be aware and educated. It is also taught to us so that we don't repeat the same mistakes. The World Wars were a proof of that. We as humans have created civilizations and destroyed them as well. I guess we might be the most dangerous breed of all.History has a different outlook and sometimes what was possible before, seems unbelievable today. We pushed ourselves to great extents. Books might tell you that certain incidents happened, but you feel the magnitude of those emotions only when you LOOK at what might have happened then; hence pictures take the leap. Pictures have the power to turn sympathy into empathy.Have a look at some of the most iconic moments in history! 

1. The Little Rock Nine.

Elizabeth Eckford, at the age of 15 was a part of a historic student group- 'Little Rock Nine'. She was one of the nine black students who was involved in the integration of Little Rock High School. An angry mob of white people can be seen screaming obscenities at them.

2. August Landmesser refusing to give the Nazi salute.

In 1936, August Landmesser, a former member of the Nazi party, made a statement by refusing to give the Nazi salute. He was later arrested for 'dishonouring his race' and was jailed along with his wife.

3. An argument between a miner and a guard.

In Brazil, a dispute took a serious turn when the miner pulled the guard's gun towards him as if he was challenging him to actually shoot him.

4. Lunch atop a skyscraper.

Clicked in 1932, the picture shows construction workers of the RCA building at 30 Rockefeller Center in New York City sitting and having lunch at the height of 69 floors. 

5. Self-appendectomy. 

Russian doctor Leonid Rogozov who took part in the Soviet Antarctic Expedition in 1960-61 developed appendicitis. There was no other doctor at the station and so was left with no option than to operate himself.

6. John F Kennedy Jr. saluting his father's casket at the funeral.

This picture was taken after John F. Kennedy's assassination in Dallas.

7. The angry army-man.

The picture is from 2006; it shows Gunnery Sergeant Michael Burghardt in Iraq. He explains the picture saying, "I was really pissed off that they got me, that after all this time, they got me. I figured the triggerman was still watching, so I flipped him off. I yelled, f*** you! I’ll be out here next week!"

8. I Have A Dream!

This famous picture is from August 2, 1963, when Martin Luthur King Jr. gave his iconic 'I have a dream' speech. 

9. Chess prodigy from Poland.

This picture from the 1920s features Polish chess prodigy, Samuel Reshevsky, who baffled chess masters with his incredible skills.  

10. Acrobatics atop the Empire States Building.

The picture is from 1934 when Jarley Smith, Jewell Waddeck, and Jimmy Kerrigan performed daredevil acrobatics on the 86th floor of the Empire State Building in NYC. They definitely managed to make everyone's heart skip a beat. Don't forget to share these iconic pictures with your friends!