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Trump Card For Indian Shooting Contingent At 2020 Olympics: Ayush Rudraraju

Stories of different prodigies and teenagers come across us regularly with some great exceptions. The demand of high and unique talents is at its verge, don't you think so? Fulfilling this demand our national shooting team, in the past year got acquainted with a new star, Ayush Rudraraju. The 15-year-old teenage shooter has set the bar high for the emerging new talents. In this young age, he has already made it through many such affairs for which you and I may need another life.Have a look at this great rising star and his achievements. Recommended story: Pro Kabaddi League's Success

The youngest Indian skeet Shooter

When he was just 13 years of age, Ayush Rudraraju from the state of Telangana became the youngest Olympic skeet shooter in the country. 

Owns tremendous records

Last year, he defied the odds to qualify for the Nationals, by setting a South zone record of 117 out 125 points.

Determination and focus

At the age of 13, when Ayush was in 8th grade he represented the state in the 35th National games.

Three times State Champion in a row

Informing about his objective, Ayush said, “The whole objective is to be as consistent as possible at the higher levels. Now, having got a feel of what it means to be there in the elite group, I am aware of what are the areas of focus for me in the days to come and I am determined to make it big in shooting".

The Ultimate goal...

Rudraraju on his long time goal plans said, “My ultimate goal is to represent India at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics."

Seems the future of Indian Shooting is going to be brighter than it was before

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