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This Abandoned Luxurious House Preserves Treasures From The Past

Typically, thieves keep their vision on abandoned places to steal the valuables and even they damage the house. This house is located at Ontario, Canada never faced the unfortunate incidents of looting, robbery or any damage. The another interesting thing about this house is that the photographer has decided not to reveal the exact location. source Freaktography

Incredibly organized drawing room.

Doors, wall paintings, furniture are intact

An amazing drawing room.

Everything in the house is perfectly placed.

The dressing room shows luxurious life!

Mindblowing Painting!

Music lovers must be staying here!


These crockeries are safely kept for so long.

Kitchen is not touched yet.

The beautiful bowl looks newly purchased.

Even the small things are kept safe.

People seem to be aware of porno graphics and women care tips.

The pile letters of loved ones.