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#UntoldLoveStory5: "I Ditched My Date To Meet A Guy I Met Only Once. Now We’re In Love."

This Valentine’s day, WittyFeed went around asking people who have experienced real love – in one way or another – to tell us about their stories. These are tales of Indians who’ve shared their hearts and feelings and given themselves up to another with such completeness that it has become a part of who they are.Have you heard of the butterfly effect? It’s when there is a tiniest, the most minute anomaly in an event or a slight change of plans – like the wind fluttered by a butterfly’s wings. But that little wind may ignite a series of happenings that can change the future.

“I never wanted to be set up. I was perfectly fine being single. In fact, I was sure I never wanted anyone else. I hate the drama, the tension, the corny happiness. I mean, why can’t people just eat good food and go to sleep, man?"Because sex is better than food," says my annoying little roommate, Disha. And know this about Disha – she’s really disproportionately small to be so annoyingly influential.

Anyhow… I caved. I had a date this Friday night. A blind date, nonetheless! Some friend of hers. Gah! Such social pressure, I tell you. She was so excited when I agreed (with a sigh and drooping shoulders), that she booked a mani-pedi session on Wednesday.Oh well, I can’t deny the pampering was great. My cuticles were clean, and my feet were dripping with a blood red nail paint. But it looked good anyway.

On Thursday, we had classes at the University. Since it was the early days, I was still getting lost finding classes. But when I finally stumbled into my Psychology class, there was only one seat empty.While avoiding the teacher’s glare, I took it.‘Hey’, said the boy next to me. ‘Hi,’ said I. Customarily, the conversation ends there. But this guy was a whisperer! Surprisingly, I didn’t want to bat him away for risking more trouble. He seemed harmless – he didn’t hit on me at all. Nice!After class, we learned that we were from the same city. So from one Garhwali to the other, the connection was extended. He wanted to have coffee with me the next day.‘4 pm?’ Hmm… my date was only at 6. No harm, I guess. ‘OK, see you at 4’.

Disha was furious, of course, But I told her it’d be fine, I’d be back in time for her to dress me up and make me up for the ‘date’.It wasn’t fine. Debby (that’s the coffee guy) and I lost track of time. I actually quite liked him. He was smart, funny, loved food (bonus!) and was a gentleman. After coffee, we went for a walk and ended up at the beach somehow. He dropped me home well in time, and thoughts of the time we spent kept lingering in my head.

Debby joined the Indian Armed Forces, and he looks beyond drool-worthy in a uniform. We have always been very close as friends. We share everything – guess when you’re with someone so long, that happens. We both knew of each other’s feelings for a long time, so his private, not-so-ostentatious proposal was more delicate than ceremonious.So, to sum it up, I ditched my date to meet a stranger, and now I’m in love with an officer. He keeps me safe, warm and loved. And guess what? Even Disha likes him – a lot more than that friend she was trying to set me up with. So as much of a love-by-chance story as this is, it all turned out for the better!

We’re happy that Nayana chose to listen to her heart, and it led her to the right direction – as we believe it always does. WittyFeed wishes all the best to the couple and would like to take this chance to thank soldiers like Debby who are protecting us all so that we can celebrate love. May they reunite with their loved ones soon and safe.