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7 Homemade Chocolate Recipes To Express Your Love On Chocolate Day

The week of love started with the Rose day and will end with Valentine’s Day. Among them, we have the day of chocolate. This popular day of passion is celebrated on 9th Feb every year where people show their love by gifting chocolates. We are sure you also take the way of buying chocolate. Why not change the game this year?Make these tasty chocolates that are filled with your endless love. Pack them nicely and see a beautiful smile creep in the face of the person to whom you will gift it.

1. Chocolate With Caramel Filling

Add corn syrup, milk, and brown sugar with molten butter over medium heat. Keep stirring until the mixture is smooth. Add vanilla extract after removing from heat then pour into another pan. Let it cool down then cut into small squares and refrigerate.Mix butter with chocolate cubes and melt it then stir until smooth. Take the caramel squares and dip in the molten chocolate. Form a thick cover of chocolate and put on the wax pepper. Let it get dry and serve!

2. Chocolate Cracker Love Bite

Take a cracker and layer up with peanut butter. Then cover with another cracker. Melt chocolate until smooth. Take the crackers and dip completely in chocolate. Shed the excess chocolate and place on wax paper. After it cools down refrigerate it and serve to your love.

3. Chocolate Truffle With Tiny Hearts 

Take the fresh juice from orange and put little sugar. Stir, make the mixture, and keep aside. Combine chocolate and cream, melt till it's smooth.  Add the orange juice and whisk. Then pour into small dish and refrigerate. Set until it is semi hard and then form small balls. Again put in the fridge and let it get hard.Melt white chocolate and add a few drops of pink food color, whisk properly. Repeat the same with red color. Put the chocolate in the parchment paper and spread evenly. Take a small cookie cutter and make a heart shape when the chocolate is hard. Place on the top of truffle before serving to your sweetheart.

4. Cherry Filled Chocolate

Combine corn syrup with butter and dusted sugar. Make dough and chill for one hour. Take out and roll in thin slice around a single cherry. Then chill until it becomes firm.Melt dark chocolate and dip each cherry. Then again freeze till it gets firm. Enjoy the tasty treat together while snuggling up for a movie.

5. Chili Chocolate Surprise

Melt the chocolate after adding butter. Take off the heat and then pour cream and mix properly. Then cover and refrigerate for about 2 hours. Take out and add a little hot milk, then mix some crushed hazelnut. Add chili powder to the mixture and blend properly. Once it is done, place it evenly over a parchment paper. Cut into small squares and let your loved one enjoy the surprise.

6. Chocolate Crepe Roll

Add egg, flour, cocoa, buttermilk, and sugar. Blend properly to form a batter. Refrigerate for an hour after covering. Spread the batter in a pan and cook crepes according to the number of rolls you want. Once done, fill them with fresh cream, chopped strawberry, and roll. Close with a small amount of melted chocolate and serve.

7. Chocolate Fudge

Boil sugar, milk, and cocoa properly. Cook until when you drop a small amount of chocolate in cold water, and it forms a small ball. Remove from heat then add vanilla extract and butter. Beat properly until it becomes consistent. Cut into squares and enjoy with your sweetheart.